The Ten Most Hated Celebrities

    Most Hated Celebrities: Paris Hilton #1

  1. Paris Hilton (66 votes) - People continue to hate on Paris even though she didn’t do anything all that despicable in 2008. Miss Hilton had a ho-hum year considering some of the more shocking things that happened to her last year, when she spent time in prison for being a drunk-driving mess. David Letterman had a great time making fun of her on his show early in the year and even former Presidential candidate John McCain used her in one of his campaign ads to compare Barack Obama’s sudden fame to that of Hilton’s talentless ride to the top. It does seem that she was beaten down pretty bad while she was dating the scum that is Benji Madden for most of 2008. To cap the year off thieves stole more than $2 million dollars of jewelry from her home in December. It’s easy to hate someone in this economy that is keeping that much jewelry at their home. She repeats as the ‘Most Hated Celeb’ of the year, having won Bumpshack’s inaugural ‘Most Hated Celeb’s award back in 2006. We love you Paris!
  2. Most Hated Celebrities: Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag #2

  3. Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag (60 votes) - Seriously, do we need a reason to hate these two? Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are the most pimped out couple to come out of MTV’s pseudo-reality show “The Hills” and they couldn’t be any faker. From fake virginity, fake boobs, fake pregnancy, fake marriage to the most unbelievable quotes and publicity stunts, they are the lowest low of American society. We always see them out doing nothing but posing for the cameras and we often realize there couldn’t be two people more perfect for each other. They are both so futile and have absolutely no brains at all, we hope they live happily ever after in their pseudo world of flash bulbs and tabloid headlines.
  4. Most Hated Celebrities: Madonna #3

  5. Madonna (53 votes) -Here is the issue with Madonna. You are either a die hard fan or the thought of her is like nails on a chalk board. This is a woman who was an iconic figure that fearlessly pioneered trends, but recently fell into a vast pit of desperation. Whether she is trying to pass off a faux British accent or dominate the world via Britney Spears…this is a creature that feels she can do no wrong. So, we are her minions and her sad attempts at recapturing her youth involve young male models named Jesus. Sounds like a perfectly good match made in egotistical heaven.
  6. Most Hated Celebrities: Tom Cruise #4

  7. Tom Cruise (50 votes) - He has tried to apologize and rectify his media mistakes in 2008, but it was all to no avail. Despite his countless recent interviews from Oprah to The Hills After Show, his loony antics of years past (jumping on Oprah’s couch, calling out Brooke Shields, insulting Matt Lauer and pushing his cult on America) pretty much sealed his demise. As we revisited his 25th anniversary in Hollywood this year, we all realized that he is a long way gone from classics like Risky Business, Top Gun & Rain Man. Sorry, Tom… Valkyrie just ain’t cuttin’ it these days. Your Interview With the Vampire co-star Brad Pitt still has our hearts, and you don’t even have our pity. But hey, keep your chin up- you did produce a freakishly cute child. Tom is only the second celebrity to make both this list and the ‘Most Hated Celebs’ list from two years ago.
  8. Most Hated Celebrities: John Mayer #5

  9. John Mayer (44 votes) - John Mayer is man who has made it his quest in life to annoy and remain relevant by press whoring himself with Hollywood women. His current victim is Jennifer Aniston which just amplifies his level of smug. If he isn’t out drumming up some exposure for himself, he is bitching about the media via his blog. John’s talent is outshined by his superiority complex and self worshiping. Most women are begging for men to open up about their feelings, but this is one guy I wish would shut the hell up already.
  10. Most Hated Celebrities: Kanye West #6

  11. Kanye West (32 votes) - All hail Kanye West, “the voice of this generation.” Kanye West, we hear you talking but no one is listening. If he really is the voice of this generation then we are all doomed. Kanye’s arrogance is unbelievably annoying almost as much as his crying and childish temper tantrums he throws at award shows when he does not win. Graduation to maturity seems to be something that even Kanye can’t sample. Even George W. Bush hates Kanye.
  12. Most Hated Celebrities: O.J. Simpson #7

  13. O.J. Simpson (29 votes) - What’s there to say about O.J. this year, other than the fact every human being in the world belives justice was finally delivered, albeit fourteen years later than it should have been. While he walked free after being acquitted of charges of double homicide following the 1994 murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman, Simpson has been staring at the inside of a correctional facility since his October 3, 2008 conviction for numerous felonies including robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary with a firearm. His conviction for the crimes will lock O.J. away for the next fifteen years. What happens in Las Vegas in-fact doesn’t always stay in Las Vegas for the token-busty blonde abuser. Nicole Simpson and Goldman unfortunately can’t pen a book with the title “If We Were Murdered”. If they could, I’m sure that they’d be able to sway you as to why O.J. is so hated.
  14. Most Hated Celebrities: Perez Hilton #8

  15. Perez Hilton (28 votes) - Perez has somehow made a name for himself by drawing on pictures and outing homosexuals. His sense of humor is bad lately too…I used to think he was funny, but now I think he’s just crude. How many pictures of celebrities do we need to see with bodily fluids dripping off of their faces? Give the facial art a rest big girl. Lately, paparazzi photos have appeared with him in them as the celebrity or sidekick, and he has taken every opportunity to flaunt them on his site. As if someone really wants to see what he really looks like. Okay, maybe I’m just jealous that he can charge $54,000 for ads on his site.
  16. Most Hated Celebrities: Rosie O'Donnell #9

  17. Rosie O’Donnell (26 votes) - This “woman” is plague on society. Rosie use to shine on her own talk show back in the day. It was a hit and I even enjoyed watching it back in the 90’s. Her career has been steadily going downhill since then. Rosie is nuts! After she bombed ‘The View”‘, I thought we would finally be rid of Rosie. But, NO! She had to try once again to win over America and this time she barely got her foot in the door. NBC tried her out on a pathetic variety show, ‘Rosie Live’. America screamed back by not watching and giving the show the worst ratings of the night. The show was quickly dropped and that was that. We have had enough of this frumpy, overbearing eyesore that just won’t go away.
  18. Most Hated Celebrities: Denise Richards #10

  19. Denise Richards (23 votes) - Her reality TV show, ‘It’s Complicated,’ made her look so bad that most of us, who were unfortunate to watch it, finally started to actually see why Charlie Sheen might have been banging every stripper this side of Encino while he was married to the self absorbed and shallow Richards. Denise is so hated that she made Charlie look like the good guy in their split and that is no small accomplishment. She should be eternally grateful to whoever did the casting for her role in ‘Wild Things’ which made her famous and for reality TV for extending said fame an additional 15 minutes.


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