The Ten Most Awful Football Kits

Spurs home kit

Tottenham Hotspur 1991 - when Spurs reached the FA Cup Final in 1991 they premiered what would become the dominant style of the early 90s - a billowing XL shirt, baggy shorts and an unflattering collar, Thus ended the era of the great 'casual' era football wear.

aston villa away kit
Aston Villa (away) 1994 - Dwight Yorke here proving that there are reasons why, as anyone who has ever done art at school knows, red and green are at opposite ends of the colour spectrum and should not be mixed.

sheffield wednesday away kit
Sheffield Wednesday (away) 2000 - occasionally the sponsor's logo, plus a well-chosen shirt colour, can make for a kit that anyone would be proud to wear. This, sadly, was not one of them, not by a long way.

cameroon kit
Cameroon 2002 - Samuel Eto'o is a picture of style - not - at the World Cup in South Korea, wearing this sleeveless number (and over a T-shirt to boot).

mexico goalkeepers jersey
Mexico (keeper) 1996 - Jorge Campos has always been better known for his eccentricity than his keeping and here's a good reason why - shirts so loud even the moles at the Azteca could hear them.

chelsea away kit
Chelsea (away) 1995 - in the days before Abramovich the Blues had to make do with all manner of hardship, including this dreadful effort as modelled here by Mark Hughes.

norwich city home kit
Norwich City 1993 - people far more unkind than this writer have suggested that City's kit - the one that propelled Ekoku, Goss and co to third place and that Uefa Cup run - resembled what birds drop from the sky when they are full up.

england home football kit
England (away) 1996 - Football 'came home' at Euro '96 as England sailed through to the last four in their pretty white and blue kit, only to be outdone in the semi-finals wearing this dull, stripey grey number.

manchester united away kit
Manchester United (third? fourth?) 1996 - of the many kits the Old Trafford marketing men have tried to flog over the years, none have been more notorious that the grey kit that Sir Alex Ferguson blamed for United going 3-0 down at half-time against Southampton, claiming the players couldn't see each other - they changed into another kit for the second half.

arsenal away kit
Arsenal (away) 1991 - as worn here by Lee Dixon. The Gunners may have won the title in 1990-91, losing only one game, but they won no prizes for this famous montrosity, an early harbinger of the patterned design nightmares to come in the 1990s.


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